comparabl is a service which analyzes opensource PHP projects and compares API changes between each version. This gives you an insight about the stability of a project. Comparabl generates a report for each version comparison which contains every BC. We generate also a score which indicates how risky it is to upgrade to a newer version.

Comparabl has as goal to increase the software quality of opensource PHP projects. This is done by making API changes between versions visible. Also we like to emphasize projects which have a good version managment. You can submit a project or browse existing once.

Latest comparisons

Project From version To version
nesbot/carbon 2.34.2 2.35.0 Difference
doctrine/cache 1.10.0 1.10.1 Difference
aws/phpsdk 3.138.8 3.138.9 Difference
phpmailer/phpmailer v6.1.5 v6.1.6 Difference
justinrainbow/jsonschema 5.2.9 5.2.10 Difference
laravel/framework v7.12.0 v7.13.0 Difference
laravel/framework v6.18.16 v7.0.0 Difference
laravel/framework v6.18.15 v6.18.16 Difference