Comparabl fetches all tags from the defined projects and generates an API definition from the source. The API definition contains all classes, abstract classes and interfaces. Then it compares these API definitions and writes the result to a table. The definitions are generated with phps. The risk score is based on the BCs (breaking changes) which where found during comparsion.

This website is an API first service. That means you can access all data of each page also as JSON by simply sending an Accept header containing application/json or appending the GET parameter format=json. The website was build with PSX.


My name ist Christoph Kappestein Iam a developer and open source enthusiast. The original idea for this project was to provide an easy way to show-off API changes of PSX. But it evolved into a general project which can detect API changes for any PHP project which uses GIT.

I hope this project will encourage PHP projects to perceive the responsibility of correct API versioning which is an important factor of software quality. Also it should help consumers to find projects which have a stable API. If you have any ideas or suggestions you can contact us at dev (at) comparabl (dot) com.